About Us

Ringdahl Pest Control, Inc. Florida

Family Owned and Operated for 55 years!

Ringdahl Pest Control, Inc. was established in 1960 by Jim and Sandra Ringdahl. Jim, a graduate of the University of Florida’s School of Entomology, owned and operated Ringdahl Pest Control for 45 years.

We have 55 years of experience in ridding your home, office and/or recreational vehicles of roaches, ants, bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, rodents, as well as other unwanted pests! At Ringdahl Pest Control, we stand behind our work and guarantee success! Ringdahl offers affordable, excellent pest control service - the highest quality and care possible.

Ringdahl Pest Control is proud to be part of an industry that has listened to the needs of its customers as well as the environment. In conjunction with the pesticide manufacturing industry, Ringdahl Pest Control has worked hard over the years to stay on top, bringing new products to the marketplace that are environmentally safe and safe for your family. We are proud of our progress and our 55 years of providing quality service to the residents of Palm Beach County.

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We offer proven, environmentally safe, affordable and effective solutions for your unwanted pest problems!