Often confused with termites, Carpenter ants are one of the most common indoor insect pests in Florida and one of the most difficult to control. Alarmed homeowners often see these ants foraging or flying (especially at night) and call with fears of their home’s structure being destroyed.

The peak foraging hours are just before sunset until two hours after sunset, then again around dawn. Foraging proceeds in very loosely defined trails or by individual ants that seem to simply wander aimlessly. They have a fondness for sweets that are readily accessible.

Carpenter Ants build their nests or “galleries” where water leakage could occur, such as bathtubs, sinks, roof leaks, or poorly sealed windows and doorframes. Again, Carpenter ants foraging in homes can be in search of sweets or moisture or even new nesting sites, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Outdoor nests are found in tree stumps, hollow logs, fence posts and dead portions of standing trees. Should tall trees not be kept from touching a home or office building, foraging access into homes and buildings is likely.

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Separate from General Household Pest Control, Ringdahl Pest Control’s Carpenter Ant Program includes:

A survey of your property,

An annual treatment, including perimeter home or office treatment,

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