Once-a-Year (OAY) Pest Control Program

Based on an Integrated Pest Management Strategy, many Ringdahl customers have made the change from monthly service to the Once-A-Year (OAY) Program. Six months after the initial service, the OAY Program retreats the exterior perimeter of your home and if required, makes callbacks at no charge.

Due to the development of better baiting programs, it is no longer necessary or recommended to apply pesticide monthly – making the OAY Program efficient and more economical.

Advantages to the Once-A-Year Program include:

You don’t have to be home each month to provide entry into your home.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires the least amount of chemical application.

You receive a Service Guarantee for one year.

After six months, we retreat around the perimeter of your home at no charge.

Should a problem occur within the one year, a call back is made at no charge.

The Once-A-Year Program saves you money!

We Value Our Customers & Guarantee Our Service!

We offer proven, environmentally safe, affordable and effective solutions for your unwanted pest problems! Let’s work together and find the solution for your pest control needs!