Over the last several years, Ringdahl Pest Control has received a record number of calls for rodent service.

With the damage rodents can cause, the threat of disease and the parasites they carry, like fleas, lice and ticks, the best defense is our Annual Rodent Program. The majority of the rats found in South Florida are Roof Rats. The Roof Rat is a climber, commonly nesting in areas above the ground like trees, vines, attics, ceiling voids, or in voids along the roof line. These rats enter your home through various openings, and as their population grows, they will nest in underground burrows.

These rodents are suspicious of changes in the environment or new foods. For this reason, it may take a couple of days for traps to take. Rats are nocturnal, with their peak activity at dusk or before dawn. When the population is large, or they are disturbed or hungry, you will see activity during the day.

Separate from the general household pest control services, the South Florida Rodent Control Services and Program by Ringdahl consists of a survey, and minor repairs and control measures, including tamper-proof bait stations strategically located outside your home. Stations are serviced and monitored at regular intervals and should there be a need, rodents will also be trapped inside your home or business.

We can control the long-term risk of rodents with our Annual Rodent Program. Call us today if you suspect a rodent problem!

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