When it comes to unwanted pests, Fire ants would probably top everyone’s list!

In South Florida, these insects can be found throughout homes as often as outside nestled close to the structure. Should they enter your home or office, the venom can cause a severe sting, especially when stung repeatedly. It’s important that children and pets avoid these ants and not disturbed their nests or mounds. Fire ants need to be removed from a residence or office building before they multiply.

Fire ants build their mounds almost anywhere — in the open spaces or next to a building, around a tree, near a sidewalk or an electrical box. A fire ant mound does not have a central opening but will emerge quickly and begin biting and stinging when the mound is disturbed. A typical colony produces large mounds and can be as deep as five feet. They will even run up vertical surfaces like the walls of your home.

The Annual Fire Ant Program uses bait stations and retreats at six months with callbacks made at no charge.

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