COVID-19 Safety Update

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Dear Loyal Ringdahl Customer,

As we work with COVID-19, I want to share, based on CDC guidelines how we at Ringdahl will continue to service your valued account. First and foremost, as of this date, our technicians and staff are not ill or showing any symptoms. We use masks at all times, gloves if required and always maintain as much distancing as possible. But, know that if my staff were ill, in any way, we would never enter your home or business.

We ask in return that should you feel signs or symptoms, or not feel well in general, please let us know and we will simply treat the outside of your home or business. Creating a barrier protects your home and allows us to honor your guarantee of service.

However, please let me be very clear, I strongly recommend that you continue service. Pests are not taking a hiatus during this pandemic. We are in the rainy season with trees and foliage in full bloom. We will get through this but, it’s imperative that you are comfortable and understand that Ringdahl Pest Control has your best interests at heart, as much as our own. Our goal is to keep all of us safe and healthy!

Thank you always for your consideration and again, for trusting Ringdahl Pest Control Inc. with your pest control needs. We can’t tell you that enough. Please don’t hesitate to all if you have questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
Frank H. Peters, Jr., Owner/President
Ringdahl Pest Control Inc.

Ringdahl Pest Control is fighting covid-19

Ringdahl Pest Control is Helping Fight the Global Pandemic

As Covid-19 continues to affect the communities we serve, Ringdahl Pest Control is fighting back. We are committed to protecting our customers in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County. Our dedicated professionals are trained and equipped to prevent and combat a plethora of bacteria. Our new technology device, the PATH-GUARD dry fog system, is designed for pathogen removal and disinfection of the air.

 What is Dry Fog Technology?

Dry Fog is used for particle suppression and is based on a phenomenon called agglomeration. It is basically a sticking affect that occurs when like-sized water droplets and airborne particulate collide and become too large to remain in the air, subsequently removing the pathogen.

Path-Guard uses a plant-based anti-pathogenic solution together with compressed air in order to create the necessary micron-sized droplets needed for agglomeration.

If the droplet diameter is much greater than the airborne particulate, the particulate simply follows the air stream lines around the droplet and little or no contact occurs.

How Path-Guard Works
How Path-Guard Dry Fog System Works
Dry Fog Nozzle

How Path-Guard Dry Fog System Works

  • Our nozzle can cover half the size of a football field in fog with a single gallon of PATH-GUARD solution
  • Smallest droplet size available at 0.1 to 10 µm in size, making it capable of airborne virus elimination
  • Sub 10 µm droplets allow for better surface area coverage using less disinfectant.
  • Electrostatically charged particles without the need for batteries or electricity
  • Droplet size can be tuned via onboard regulation allowing for wetter or drier
    application when required
  • Can disinfect without leaving residue if required
  • Different nozzles available for multiple flows and different applications
  • Rugged design and made in the USA
  • The backpack unit has a trigger gun assembly that can operate the unit via the gun
  • Switch on top allows switching between the “dry” and “wet” settings from the

PATH-GUARD’s anti-pathogenic solution is comprised of phytochemical compounds derived and formulated from plants

  • Broad spectrum effective against 171 pathogens
  • Certified input for Organic
  • Hospital-grade and non-GMO, safe for children and pets
  • Biodegradable, totally soluble, safe for the environment
  • Alcohol, bleach and chemical-free
  • Non-toxic, contains GRAS food-grade ingredients
  • OSHA approved for use on food counters, aquatics, and plants
  • Safe for sensitive electronics
  • Proven. Active ingredient used successfully for pathogen containment worldwide
  • EPA, FDA, USDA, EU, JAS input compliant
  • Developed and made in the USA
Dry Fog System Solution


  • The PATH-GUARD Solution is cost effective, yielding approximately 25,000 sq. ft. per gallon of dry fog coverage
  • The PATH-GUARD solution comes pre-mixed and ready-to-use at the required 3% strength and is available in conveniently sized containers
  • The active ingredient in PATH-GUARD’s solution has a proven track record of success world-wide in killing the most aggressive pathogens
    known to man. Like SARS, Ebola, and MRSA. Yet it is plant-based and All Natural
  • The PATH-GUARD Dry Fog System works with Nature by harnessing the power of agglomeration to achieve a safe and healthy breathing environment
  • PATH-GUARD Disinfectant Solution kills pathogens, including odor causing bacteria and mold on touch points, breathing spaces, and HVAC systems


The active ingredient in our solution is effective against pathogens
of fungal, bacterial, viral, and yeast origin

…and 150 more pathogens, both surface and airborne!

Path-Guard Approved to Fight Covid-19

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