Pest control of residence concept. 3D rendered fire ant.

6 Common Florida Pests

Florida is well-known for its incredible plant life and scenery, beautiful beaches, and thriving culture and night-life. When they think of Florida, many think of tropical vacations worthy of dreams. Residents, though, may have a slightly different opinion of the state.

While few disagree that Florida’s natural beauty is hard to beat, residents know that it comes at a cost; and that cost is a number of nasty pests.

Here are six common pests that Florida residents have to deal with:

  1. Cockroaches. These pests like to live in moist, warm areas like the laundry room or kitchen. They can hold their breath for over 30 minutes and can go almost a month without food which makes them difficult to manage.
  1. Spiders. These pests can be found anywhere in the world. They like to live in dark, moist places like basements and closets. While some are harmless, many spiders are poisonous.
  1. Fire ants. These pests build mounds that can be found in the backyard of almost any Florida resident. They attack with a very painful sting and can leave swollen welt-like marks on the skin.
  1. Fleas. These pests thrive off of mammal blood. They typically live on cats and dogs but will lay their eggs in carpets, cushions, and other materials.
  1. Carpenter ants. These pests are large. They like to make their home in rotting wood. Although they don’t sting like fire ants, they do bite.
  1. Rodents. These pests, like spiders, can be found all over the world. They typically enter into homes in order to find warmth and food. Along with getting into food and leaving droppings all around, they carry diseases which can make residents very sick.

Pests of any kind are a major inconvenience and can be very stressful and unhealthy. You don’t have to share your home. We offer professional pest control services that are environmentally friendly. Contact us now to schedule service.