Ants eating in home

7 Common Mistakes That Can Cause an Ant Infestation in Your Home

Having a home free from ant infestations isn’t as hard as you think. But if ant prevention isn’t on your radar, ant problems could quickly become the bane of your existence. Here are the seven most common mistakes that can lead to infestations in your home.

1. Not Fixing Ant Entry Points

Ants can find their way into your home through even the smallest cracks and crevices. Make sure to seal any potential ant entry points, particularly around windows and door frames. Check for any gaps in your foundation as well! To ant-proof your home, caulk any ant entry points and use steel wool to insulate small cracks.

2. Not Cleaning Up Spills and Crumbs

For ant colonies, your kitchen is the perfect ant buffet. To reduce ant attraction, clean up any spills and crumbs immediately. Vacuum regularly to eliminate ant food sources, and don’t leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight. You should also use ant-proof containers for food storage.

3. Not Eliminating Moisture Sources

Moisture is ant nirvana, so make sure to eliminate any sources of standing water in your home. Repair leaky faucets, pipes, and gutters and seal any cracks that might let in moisture. If you have ant problems in your bathroom or kitchen, use ant traps to get rid of them.

4. Not Taking Out the Trash Regularly

Ants love to snack on your leftovers, so don’t leave food or paper waste in the garbage for longer than necessary. To help prevent infestations, take the trash out regularly and keep your trash cans covered.

5. Not Storing Food Properly

Keep ant food sources like sugar, flour, and cereals in ant-proof containers. Keep any food items in a sealed container, and don’t leave them on the counter. They should also be stored in ant-proof cupboards and drawers. For extra ant prevention, add ant repellents to your cupboards and pantry.

6. Not Treating Your Yard

Ants love to make their homes outside, so don’t forget to ant-proof your yard. Clean up any ant nests in your lawn and keep the grass trimmed at all times. You should also eliminate ant food sources from your yard, such as piles of leaves, flower pots, and garbage cans. If you need ant infestation control, you can call a pest control service in Boynton Beach to help.

7. Not Inspecting Your Home Regularly

To keep infestations away, inspect your home and yard regularly for ant activity. Check for ant trails, ant nests, and ant entry points. If you find any ant activity in your home, don’t delay getting infestation control and ant-proofing your home.

Following the ant prevention tips above can help you keep infestations away for good! If ant problems persist, call a pest control service in Boynton Beach like Ringdahl Pest Control. We strive to provide the best pest infestation control and ant prevention services in the area. We’ll take care of your ant problem quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying your ant-free home. Contact Ringdahl Pest Control today for a free ant infestation control consultation.