Cockroach Control in Boynton Beach

Commerical Pest Control in Boynton Beach: Protecting Your Business

As a business owner, you know reputation is everything. If you have a commercial location such as a restaurant, bakery, bar, or coffee shop, the condition of your storefront speaks is your customers’ first impression of your business. Having a clean and inviting dining area and a code compliant, efficient kitchen helps your business thrive! However, you also know that being in the food business also draws the attention of unwanted guests—namely, pests like flies, cockroaches, and rodents. Whether you are trying to avoid the health and safety issues related to pests or trying to combat a current problem, commercial pest control in Boynton Beach can help you keep your business compliant and profitable.  

Ringdahl Pest Control is a leading provider of pest control services in Boynton Beach. Our professional team of experienced exterminators are able to assess any level of pest infestation and provide a safe, affordable solution for keeping your staff and customers safe. Here’s how we can help: 


Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your pest problem or prevention needs is key to developing a plan to meet your needs. By choosing us for your commercial pest control service provider, you guarantee a licensed and experienced pest management professional will be in charge of your case. We will provide an assessment of your business for signs of current pests and weak points that can lead to future infestations. Once we’ve completed a thorough sweep of the property, we can provide a free estimate and discuss the best course of action for you and your business.  

Service Options  

Monthly inspections and follow ups are recommended for businesses that provide food services to help you stay in compliance with Florida safety codes. Rather than rush to try and cover signs of bugs or rodents before a health inspection, Ringdahl Pest Control allows you to be confident in your ability to pass every time! For small businesses and start-ups, we also provide flexible payment options to help you protect your business without breaking the bank.  

Yearly services are also available for businesses that may not require monthly visits, like corporate offices and retail locations. These programs address any existing issues and put preventive measures in place for protecting your property all year long. As a provider of commercial pest control in Boynton Beach, we work with your schedule to avoid interrupting your business flow. 

Environmentally Conscious Pest Control 

Protecting our beautiful South Florida environment is important to us at Ringdahl Pest Control. We never use any harsh chemicals that may cause contamination issues with local water supplies or damage grass or foliage. With over 40 years of service, we have cultivated an in-depth knowledge of invasive insects and rodents including their eating and mating habits. We use this knowledge to provide the safest pest treatment solutions for you, your team and customers, and even pets.  

Learn more about our environmentally friendly approach to pest control here! Let Ringdahl Pest Control help you protect your clients and business. Contact us today to get started!