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How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are prevalent pests that can cause serious health problems, especially for children. They feed on people at night, causing considerable discomfort.  

These parasites are often found in hotels and other places where people stay overnight. They also congregate around clothing and food sources such as trash cans and pet bowls. Here are signs that can help you figure out if you have these parasites at your place.  

1. Unexplained Musty Odor 

The first thing to check is whether there’s a musty smell all over the house, particularly along the baseboards or behind furniture. This comes from the insects themselves rather than their feces, which would be more pungent. 

If a room has an unexplained musty smell, look for evidence of these parasites by checking under mattresses or cracks in walls. Look for minor stains on comforters or sheets. 

2. You Notice Bed Bug Shells 

These are empty exoskeletons left behind by adults after feeding. The exoskeleton contains white dust but not blood. Not every adult bed bug leaves behind a shell, but most do. 

3. You Have Itchy Red Spots in the Morning 

Another sign is skin irritation caused by the bites. These might itch intensely when you get out of bed in the morning. When you wash your hands with soap and water, avoid touching these areas because the itching can make you scratch excessively.  

Note that some people react to insect bites by getting hives instead of itchy bites. Whichever skin condition you experience, wash your face regularly, use baby wipes or hand lotion, and use moisturizers on your body so that your skin won’t get too dry. 

4. You Notice Rusty, Dark Spots on Your Bedding 

You should also inspect your mattress, box spring and foundation, and possibly any other materials used within your bed frames. Call a pest control Boynton Beach specialist immediately if you find anything unusual. 

5. Bed Bug Shells Accumulate Near Windows and Light Fixtures 

Look for bed bug shells along the top and sides of rooms close to windows and lights. They usually end up there due to sunlight exposure; the UV rays break down the exoskeleton and bleach the creature inside. A baggie full of shells can indicate that your home is infested. 

6. Dark Spots on Your Walls 

Typically, these parasites can hide anywhere, including behind wallpaper. They can easily crawl between the wallboard and paint when cleaning supplies come too close. Dark spots can appear on the wall next to where you put something heavy, like bookshelves or appliances.  

Look closely, and you can often see the insects as well. Hire a reputable company for best results with pest control in Boynton Beach.  


If you notice any of these signs, you need professional help. Even though these things don’t necessarily indicate an immediate threat to your health, they’re bad news and should be addressed as soon as possible.  

Bedbugs are no joke, as their infestations can cause severe damage to property and personal belongings. There’s no reason to take chances. Call our experts at Ringdahl Pest Control now.