Rats climbing on dirty dishes

Proof That Rat Pest Control Really Works

In the past, there was a widespread misconception that rat infestations were exclusively an issue in public places like streets and alleys. But nowadays, people are aware that rats may inflict a significant amount of damage not only to houses but also to businesses. This is why it’s so important to have a rat pest control company on standby just in case. If you’re dealing with a rat problem, you need professional help from a rat control company in Boynton Beach FL that understands how to get rid of rats safely and effectively.


Among the most effective pest control methods, is the use of rodenticides. Anticoagulants, the most popular and deadly type of rodenticide, work by preventing the rat’s blood from clotting. This kills the rat from within. Its effectiveness depends on the concentration of rat poison, which should be estimated based on the rodent’s size. When used correctly, you can expect the rats to die within a few days.

They are usually placed strategically around the house as bait, but out of reach from children and pets. Examples of common flavorings include fish oil, molasses, and peanut butter. In agricultural and natural settings, ground meat, vegetables, cereals, and fruits are commonly used.

Rather than guess the quantities and the most effective areas to place rodenticides, you’d be better off calling in a professional. Remember that the spots you select to place rat poison may also be accessible to your toddler or pet. So to be on the safe side, leave it to the experts. We can catch them in your home and business using tamper-proof bait stations.

Rat Rodent Pest Control Boynton Beach FL

Having a significant number of rats in your home can seriously anger or frustrate you. That’s why you need rat pest control in Boynton Beach FL. If you do nothing to stop them, rats will quickly multiply. They could cause severe damage to your property and make it more difficult for you to properly repair it. Rats can even eat into wiring, causing serious fire risks Rodents can also spread disease, potentially making your family very sick. Pest control services can get to the root of the rat problem and prevent them from coming back.

Use a Respected Company

Through the most effective rodent extermination methods, our rat rodent pest control Boynton Beach FL company can help eliminate these stubborn creatures from your premise. A good rat pest control Boynton Beach FL company will help identify breeding sites and destroy them to ensure they don’t return. Even when there’s another infestation close by, you and your belongings will be safe because of the safeguards we will put in place and the tips we will provide. We recommend selecting a rat control company in Boynton Beach FL that offers a variety of options to remove these pests.

Rat pest control services are highly effective in eliminating rats. We are able to correct the problem before it gets out of hand. We recommend calling in the professionals the very instant you notice you have a rat problem. At Ringdahl Pest Control, we provide prompt, professional service to all of our customers. We want to help you keep them out of your home or business and prevent infestations throughout your community. We can also control other pests that are affecting your home and business. Contact Ringdahl Pest control, and say goodbye to rodents forever.