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Shielding Your Pets: Battling Fleas and Ticks in Florida’s Active Warmer Months

As the temperatures begin to rise in Florida, so do the chances of your pet being exposed to fleas and ticks. These parasites can be incredibly harmful to your pet, causing severe itching, skin irritation, and even possible infection. During the warmer months, it’s important to be proactive in protecting your pet from fleas and ticks. Knowing the signs and symptoms to look out for and identifying the best ways to protect your pet are the best ways to shield your pet from these pesky critters.

Identifying Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be difficult to identify, as they are incredibly small and not always visible to the naked eye. If your pet is scratching more than usual, it may be a sign that they have been infested with fleas or ticks. Other signs to look out for include bald spots, scabs, and red bumps on the skin. Additionally, if you notice flea dirt (black specks that look like dirt) on your pet’s fur, it is likely they have fleas.

Ticks and fleas both pose threats to pets, but the nature and severity of the risks they present can vary. Fleas are known for causing significant discomfort due to itching, allergic reactions, and even anemia in severe infestations. They can also transmit tapeworms and the bacterial disease, cat scratch fever. Ticks, however, are vectors for several serious diseases like Lyme disease. While both parasites can be harmful, ticks are often considered more dangerous to pets because of their potential to transmit these more severe, and sometimes life-threatening, diseases.

Preventive Measures

The best way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks is to take preventative measures. This includes using flea and tick medications, such as topical treatments, collars, and oral medications. Additionally, it is important to regularly groom your pet, as this will help to remove any parasites that may be on their fur. Vacuuming carpets, drapes, and furniture can also help to reduce the risk of fleas and ticks entering your home.

Exterminating Fleas and Ticks

If your pet has already been infested with fleas and ticks, it is important to take action right away. Professional exterminators, such as Ringdahl Pest Control Inc., which has been in business since 1960, can provide effective solutions for flea and tick infestations. They can provide treatments such as insecticide sprays, fogging, and baiting to eliminate the parasites from your home. Additionally, they can provide advice on how to prevent future infestations.

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Fleas and ticks can be a nuisance during the warmer months in Florida, but there are steps you can take to protect your pet. By using preventive measures, such as flea and tick medications, grooming, and vacuuming, you can reduce the chances of your pet becoming infested. Additionally, if your pet has already been infested, it is important to take action right away, and professional exterminators, such as Ringdahl Pest Control Inc. in Boynton Beach, FL, can provide the best solutions for eliminating fleas and ticks from your home. Contact Ringdahl Pest Control Inc. today for a free estimate and to learn about our monthly and once-a-year pest control services.