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Summertime Pest Control Advice from the Leading Pest Control Company in Boynton Beach

Summer is here, and so are the mosquitos. The hot, humid, damp weather in South Florida is like a magnet attracting those pesky little buggers. But mosquitos aren’t the only pests you have to contend with in the summer. Pests like ticks and fleas (which can harm your pets), grubs, bagworms, spider mites, certain types of beetles, and more tend to wreak havoc with your lawn if not treated quickly. In the summer, your lawn may be swarming with pests that may eventually find their way into your home. Humid conditions and the rainy afternoons that South Florida is famous can have pests looking for their next meal right inside your home. At Ringdahl Pest Control, our experienced technicians know the right methods of elimination to rid you of your mosquito and other insect problems. Having your lawn treated for pests by a trusted pest control company in Boynton Beach, like Ringdahl Pest Control, is the first step in controlling your insect population.

Tips for pest control in the summer months:  

  •  Start with the outdoors. Pests can enter your home from your lawn. The experienced team at Ringdahl Pest Control offers the best lawn spraying services to keep gardens, backyards, and homes pest-free. We offer safe, environmentally safe lawn products that won’t harm you, your children, or your pets.
  • Remove clutter from your home. Pests love making a cozy home in discarded papers and boxes. Make sure you’ve done your summer cleaning by tossing out unwanted papers and organizing those stacks of essential documents in filing cabinets. Also, clean your attic spaces that may be filled with paper. Rodents especially love to make themselves at home, creating little paper nests for themselves to live in.
  • Make sure to reseal windows and doors. Are your windows and doors properly sealed? Breaks or cracks in these seals can invite pests right into your home. All kinds of pests can fit through small spaces and openings. Cockroaches, ants and even mice can take advantage of cracks in ceilings, windows, and doors.
  • Control standing water. The summer months mean lots of rain in South Florida. When streets flood and the ground becomes saturated with standing water, it attracts a host of mosquitoes and other pests that are often seeking drier spaces. You’ll often find unwanted pests in your home or garage on rainy days. The technicians at Ringdahl advise regular spraying throughout the year to keep these pests at bay.
  • Clean up pet food mess. It’s something we think about and try to be vigilant with. But let’s face it, pets make messes. It’s tempting to walk away and leave your pet’s food out overnight, but that can be an invitation for hungry pests to gather. Please clean up your pet’s food soon after he or she has eaten.
  • Seal all open foods in plastic or glass containers. Is all of your food sealed in plastic, metal, or glass containers? If not, you’re just inviting pests into your home. The experienced technicians at Ringdahl Pest Control suggest taking stock of your pantry and making sure everything is tightly sealed, and boxes are closed securely.

These are just some of the ways you can do your part to keep pests out of your home this summer. No matter how big or small your pest control issue in Boynton Beach may be, rest assured that the team at Ringdahl Pest Control is up to the task.

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