Pest Control Company in Boynton Beach

The Most Thorough and Proven Pest Control Company in Boynton Beach

A pest problem may not seem like a significant problem, but if left untreated, it can get out of hand quickly. To present an infestation from occurring, you need to hire a professional to handle the situation as soon as you see the first signs of a pest. Ringdahl Pest Control is the premier pest control company in Boynton Beach. It is ready to eradicate any and all pests from your residence. Whether your problem is carpenter ants, fire ants, fleas, ticks, or rodents, Ringdahl Pest Control can help! Ringdahl Pest Control offers multiple pest control services, including

  • Once-a-Year Program
  • Monthly Service Program
  • Rodent Services
  • Carpenter Ants Services
  • & Much more!

The two most popular services that clients opt for from Ringdahl Pest Control is the Once-a-Year Program and the Monthly Service Program. Each program has its specific benefits, but both provide you with high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions to your pest problem. Decide which plan is right for you based upon the benefits of each program!


Once-a-Year Program

Ringdahl Pest Control’s Once-a-Year Pest Control Program has become increasingly popular with clients, many switching from their previous Monthly Service to the Once-a-Year Program. Ringdahl Pest Control’s professional team of trained technicians will come to your home and first identify the pest problem. Once the pest problem has been detected, our team will provide an environmentally friendly solution that ensures safety for both you and your family. Six months after the initial service, our technicians will return to retreat the exterior perimeter at no charge! The benefit of Ringdahl Pest Control’s Once-a-Year Program is that you receive top quality pest control service annually, saving you money without neglecting your home’s protection. Also, should a problem occur within one year, a call back is made at no charge!


Monthly Service Program

Ringdahl Pest Control also offers a Monthly Service Program that is available at the customer’s convenience on the same day and approximate time each month. The Monthly Service Program uses the same high-quality products and efficiency as the Once-A-Year Program, so you know you’re receiving quality treatment every month! Ringdahl Pest Control has been working neighborhoods throughout Palm Beach County monthly since 1960! With years of experience, Ringdahl Pest Control can provide thorough and proven methods that eliminate all unwanted pests from your home today.


If you’re ready to solve your pest problem and ensure, they don’t return, contact Ringdahl Pest Control today! We have been working in your neighborhood with many of your neighbors and are ready to start working for you. Ringdahl Pest Control has been serving all of Palm Beach County since 1960, and we’re still are going strong! Allow Ringdahl Pest Control to use the most thorough and proven methods to eradicate your pest problem today! Call Ringdahl Pest Control at 561-737-6413 to get started today and say goodbye to pests once and for all!