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Tips for Environmentally Friendly DIY Pest Control in Boynton Beach

The summer is coming, and it is time to enjoy time outside with your friends, family, and pets. The problem is that the warm weather brings out the pests, and they will ruin your event. 

Out of frustration and a need for quick solutions, we turn to solutions that are dangerous and may damage your health and that of your pets. Statistics from the Humane Society find that not knowing how to engage in responsible pest control takes place an average of 500 times a year. 

The chemicals and their after-effects have deadly consequences for pets in these situations. You can avoid exposure to them by doing specific techniques that are environmentally friendly pest control in Boynton Beach

There are specifics tips you can use to keep the pests down and do so in a safe way. They make your life easier, and you don’t have to worry about being exposed to toxic substances. Keep reading to learn more!


Cleaning is essential in preventing pests by not giving them a place to lay their eggs or nest. Many households use toxic solutions that are filled with chemicals, and they are not safe for inhaling. 

You can get the same result by using natural substances, and there are no dangers to your health. There are several choices for you to include vinegar, garlic, clove, and eucalyptus oils. These solutions eliminate pests by cleaning the target areas, destroying the residue, and scents that attract pests. The pests smell the solution; they are repelled by it and go elsewhere to nest and eat. 

For example, you can combine vinegar with water to mop the floors and clean up the remains of food particles. The smell repels pests, and they leave these areas with it harming their health. Vinegar is safe to use for you and your pets, with no adverse side effects or health consequences. You can spray it on countertops, floors, and windows to prevent them from coming in. You want to clean thoroughly using these solutions and regularly re-clean an area to stop the pest-resistant odors from disappearing. Vinegar is an effective form of environmentally friendly pest control in Boynton Beach and something you can use consistently. 

The Window Seals

One of the places where pests come into the home is through the window seals and cracks around them. You can avoid hiring expensive pest control services in Boynton Beach by using select items in the cupboards such as black pepper, salt, cinnamon, and paprika. 

A practical approach is to sprinkle them around the window seals and inside the cracks. Pests find these substances offensive, and they go someplace else. There is no danger to you or your pets, and these regular everyday household items are sitting inside the cabinets. 

The Outside

Outside of the house is where you must control pests and prevent them from coming inside. The first step is to clean up any trash, debris, toys, excess water puddles, and places where pests can hide. 

These become outdoor breeding grounds to build colonies, spread out, and multiply throughout the summer. Next, you use things that repel pests away, such as lavender, basil, mint, rosemary, vinegar, and herbs. You can pour substances like this into areas where the pests live and it will act as a repellant and encourage them to leave. 

Another option for DIY pest control services in Boynton Beach is to grow plants that naturally repel them by their smell. There are specific kinds that pests dislike to include lemongrass, petunias, clover, marigolds, lavender, and eucalyptus. Their scent causes pests to avoid the area, and it is a form of environmentally friendly pest control

Growing these types of plants are solutions you can use in conjunction with professional services.  

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