Pest Exterminator Boynton Beach

Tips from the Your Local Pest Exterminator

Summer is quickly approaching and it is that time of the year for fun, sun, and pests. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by flying and crawling creatures that go everywhere with no place to hide. There are specific steps you can take to prevent them from gaining a foothold and stop them in their tracks. It requires using a proactive strategy from your local pest exterminator in Boynton Beach that knows what to do. Keep reading to see what they are and how Ringdahl Pest Control can help you rid your home of pests in South Florida.


Eliminate all Places of Water Buildup

Any places where there are large or small puddles of water are a breeding ground for pests. The elimination of standing water is critical in controlling all pests from breeding in these areas. Mosquitoes use standing water as breeding places where they lay and nest their eggs. The best approach is to walk around the property and look for areas where water builds up. These include things like puddles, rain drains, the air conditioning, toys, and other debris. You want to clean up anything moveable and get it under shelter, so water does not build up. One approach for dealing with the puddles is to use apple cider vinegar by placing about 15% into the water. The change in the chemical composition in the pools will kill the mosquito larva and it is safe for pets and other animals.  


Clean the Drains

The drains in your floor and the sink see the buildup of debris and slime by attracting bugs. They use these areas as breeding grounds for mating and laying eggs from the damp, gunk-like surfaces. Be sure to inspect and clean them consistently throughout the warm weather to prevent buildup in these areas. One way of cleaning it out is using vinegar and baking soda to flush out any pests and clogs that buildup. 


Seal the Inside and Outside

Pest can quickly go through the smallest of gaps or cracks around the property and look for places to nest. You need to inspect all areas on the inside and outside of the property and seal them to prevent these critters from entering. These openings can be sealed with things such as mortar, steel wools, or copper mesh. Be sure to repair any broken windows and screens, as this is a doorway for them to come inside. Look behind, under, and around the appliances in places such as the refrigerator, stove, and cabinets. Also, pay close attention to the gaps around the pipes, trim, cables, and vents; those areas as small as a quarter-inch are enough space for them. Seal these locations with the materials mentioned above, as they cannot eat their way through them and effectively close the hole. 


Keep it Clean

Be sure to clean the property regularly and don’t leave any scrapes or crumbs of food on the ground. Ensure all trash cans have tight lids and throw them out regularly, as this is a great way to attract pests. Also, go through and regularly sweep, mop, and dust to ensure that pests have no place to build a nest or mate. 


Ringdahl Pest Control is Here for You

These tips from your local pest exterminators in Boynton Beach show that prevention is the key to stopping pests in their tracks. Whether you’re being proactive and checking your home before there is a pest problem, or if you find yourself currently dealing with one. Ringdahl Pest Control can help you! Give us a call today at (561) 737-6413 for a free estimate.