Dead cockroach on the floor

Watch Out for These Three Springtime Pests

Springtime is upon us! While the warmer weather might be a thrilling change from winter, it unfortunately means it’s time for the pests and insects to flourish. Instead of allowing them to take control of your yard and home, take control yourself this year and call the experts at Ringdahl Pest Control. Here are four pests you should keep an eye out for this spring that can wreak havoc if left ignored.


Did you know that termites have been more damaging to homes and wood buildings than most natural disasters? If the winter was a wet one, it’s important to keep an eye out for these wretched little things. To discover signs of termites, you can tap on exposed wood surfaces and listen in case it sounds hollow. You can also watch for what’s called frass, which is dust-like termite droppings that resemble the color of the wood they ingest. If you spot them, call us – they very difficult to remove without the proper tools. We’ll take care of them for you.


Once again, if it’s been a warm and wet winter, you’re in for a nasty surprise. Roaches thrive in Florida thanks to the heat and humidity and bring very unsanitary conditions and diseases with them into the nooks and crannies of your home. Removing their food and water sources are a vital part of getting rid of them, so clean as much as you can. You can try using a concentrated insecticide, bait to help draw them out, and an insect growth regulator to help control their population. If it comes down to it, Ringdahl Pest Control can assist you saying goodbye to them.

Cinch Bugs

One of the terrors of green lawns up and down the state, cinch bugs enjoy feeding on St. Augustine and other warm-season grasses. These little pests will turn spots in your grass into yellow or brown mess and even kill your lawn completely if left unchecked. A dry season will call to them more than a wet season, so it is important to keep your lawn watered well enough to keep them at bay (following your local water restrictions, of course). Treating your lawn with pesticides can also keep their population low.

When pests become an issue, call on Ringdahl Pest Control to take care of the problem permanently! From roaches to rats and everything in between, we are committed to serving our customers with budget-friendly, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting pest control options. Contact us today.