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Why do We Have More Pests in the Summer Months?

While your friends up North are looking forward to the lazy days of summer, it’s no surprise that South Floridians don’t always share the same sentiment when the heat index and unbearable humid conditions make most of our summer days less than comfortable. Living in paradise nearly 365 days a year certainly has its advantages with its tropical warm sunshine and white sandy beaches. But there is a small price to pay for living in South Florida. With all of that beauty comes lots of dampness and humidity that can attract some very unwanted guests, especially in the extremely humid summer months. We are talking about ants of all kinds, spiders, mosquitos, bees, wasps and not to mention rodents like mice, rats and racoons. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to keep these unwanted pests at bay not only in the summer but all year round. For superior pest control management in Boynton Beach, Ringdahl Pest Control is always ready to help.

What Can I do to Keep Pests from Entering My Home?

One of the first things you should do when you see pests of any kind is to call Ringdahl Pest Control so that we can check and treat your home’s interior, garage and exterior to keep unwanted pests at bay. But there are some common sense things you can do on your own to prevent pest infiltration:


It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at what these creepy crawlers can get into. Clean up pet food and water spills immediately. Don’t leave fruits or vegetables lying around. To control fruit flies, wash fruit and put it into the refrigerator immediately. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink.


Check to make sure your weather stripping is tight around doors and windows. Also, check your vents for any gaps. Keep garage doors closed firmly and garbage can lid on tight. DECLUTTER


Clutter in an attic, garage or even closets can be a sanctuary for unwelcome pests. Store unwanted materials in plastic bags to reduce dust and mold. Keep rooms vacuumed regularly and make sure to change the vacuum bags as they can become infested with pests if not changed often enough. Buy a dehumidifier to control moisture in the home.


Make sure not to leave any standing water on or around your porch or deck. Make sure all plumbing leaks are handled quickly. Do not leave buckets of water or leaky hoses out because this will surely attract unwanted visitors.


Have a professional tree trimmer trim your Palm Trees at least once per year and definitely before hurricane season starts. Pests and rodents can travel from Palm Trees into attics and this can easily be avoided by keeping them trimmed back from your home. Also, do not leave any wood debris, scraps and mulch too close to the home’s foundation.

When Should I Call for Pest Control Management?

To manage all your pest control needs in Boynton Beach, including termite control, be sure to call Ringdahl Pest Control to perform a no-obligation assessment of your home. Call us at (561) 737-6413 and a trained technician will come out to properly assess your pest management needs.