A tick on a dog's hair. A close-up of the dog's white, short hair with a brown tick to remove.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Flea and Tick Control Services

Fleas and ticks are a common nuisance that many homeowners have to deal with. These tiny pests can quickly infest your home and cause a range of problems for you and your family. Not only can they bite and irritate your skin, but they can also transmit diseases to both humans and pets. It’s important to take steps to prevent and eliminate these pests from your home with fleas and tick control.

The Problem with DIY Methods for Fleas and Tick Control

Many homeowners try to handle flea and tick infestations on their own, using over-the-counter products or home remedies. However, these methods often fall short and may only provide temporary relief. Fleas and ticks are resilient creatures that can survive and reproduce quickly, making it difficult to completely eradicate them without professional help.

The Benefits of Professional Flea and Tick Control

Ringdahl Pest Control, located in Boynton Beach, FL, offers professional flea and tick control services to help homeowners effectively eliminate these pests. Our trained technicians use safe and effective methods to target and eliminate fleas and ticks, while also taking preventative measures to ensure they do not return.

The Process of Professional Flea and Tick Control

Our flea and tick control services begin with a thorough inspection of your property to identify the source of the infestation. From there, we will create a customized treatment plan that targets the specific areas and pests in your home. Our treatments are safe for both humans and pets, and we take care to minimize any disruption to your daily routine.

Preventative Measures for Flea and Tick Control

In addition to eliminating current infestations, our technicians will also provide preventative measures to keep fleas and ticks from returning to your home. This may include sealing entry points, treating outdoor areas, and providing tips for ongoing pest control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have professional flea and tick control services?

The frequency of professional flea and tick control services will depend on the severity of the infestation and the preventative measures taken. For severe infestations, we may recommend monthly treatments until the problem is under control. After that, we may suggest quarterly or bi-annual treatments to prevent future infestations.

Is professional flea and tick control safe for my pets?

Yes, our flea and tick control treatments are safe for pets. We use products that are specifically designed to target fleas and ticks without harming pets or humans. However, we do recommend keeping pets away from treated areas until the products have dried.

Contact Us for Professional Flea and Tick Control

If you are dealing with a flea or tick infestation, do not hesitate to contact Ringdahl Pest Control. Call us at (561) 737-6413 and our team of experts will help provide safe and effective pest control services to keep your home pest-free. Don’t let fleas and ticks take over your home – trust the professionals to handle it for you.