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Trust the #1 Pest Exterminators in Boynton to Prepare Your Home for Summer

South Florida is a mecca for unwanted pests. The key to keeping the pest population at bay is to hire a great pest exterminator in Boynton Beach like Ringdahl Pest Control. Our expert technicians will perform regular maintenance inside and outside your home so that you don’t ever have to deal with pesky pests again! We offer a few services to choose from, but it will depend on the type of pest you have, how severe the problem is, and your own personal preferences. At Ringdahl Pest Control, our client’s needs are our number one priority. Rest assured that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Pest Services We Recommend to Keep Pests Away:

  1. Monthly Pest Control & Prevention Services are the fastest way to eliminate the pests that live in and around your home. Because it is the most reliable and most efficient way to manage pests, it is cheaper than some of the other options available.  
  2. Lawn Spraying is an option we utilize effectively in homes that have been infested with ants, roaches, and rodents. By spraying your lawn regularly, you are eliminating pests at their source before they enter your home. Not to mention, keeping your lawn pest-free adds beauty and value to your lawn and property. So, if you’re selling your home in the near future, it can be a real advantage. 
  3. Environment-Friendly Practices. At Ringdahl Pest Control, the #1 pest exterminator in Boynton Beach we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. We apply an environmentally safe distribution of products on your lawn so there aren’t any spaces that are left untreated. IPM is an effective and safe approach to pest management. An environmentally sensitive technique, (IPM) relies on a combination of common-sense practices that carefully consider the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment.


Don’t wait for an infestation of pests or rodents to invade your home.

Instead of waiting until an infestation has occurred, being safe and treating pests before they enter your home and make it their own, is the best option. The hot and humid weather in Boynton Beach is the perfect breeding ground for pests to multiply and cause even more disruption. Don’t let your home or business fall victim to pests, and take control now. Trust the #1 pest exterminators in Boynton Beach to evaluate the best ways to treat each insect or rodent. If you have noticed your lawn being destroyed and you fear for your home or business, call on one of the professionals at Ringdahl Pest Control to have a look at your yard so we can discuss the next steps in eliminating your pests for good.  

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To help with pest control management in Boynton Beach and throughout South Florida, we offer the option of treating pests with non-chemical solutions before we come into your home. Applying non-chemical measures before chemical techniques to control and eliminate pests has been shown to be safe for humans, pets, and the environment. At Ringdahl Pest Control, we also offer rodent control treatments. If you are currently dealing with pests, call on the expert pest exterminator in Boynton Beach. The professional technicians at Ringdahl Pest Control can be reached at (561) 737-6413. So, don’t hesitate to call today to learn how to keep the inside and outside of your property pest-free!