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With Florida Heat Comes Insects. Get Ready Now!

Living in South Florida, pests are an annoying problem, especially insects. With the Summer heat right around the corner, you need to make sure that your home is properly protected against insects such as cockroaches. Cockroaches thrive in the damp heat of Florida summers. They are attracted to food waste and find homes such as yours as an easy shelter. Cockroaches also breed during this time, which can quickly lead to an infestation. While roaches won’t bite or sting, they can carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate cooking and eating surfaces. It can be difficult to determine the extent of a cockroach infestation during the day since they are primarily active at night. 

At the first sign of a cockroach infestation, please contact a professional from Ringdahl Pest Control immediately. Ringdahl Pest Control specializes in residential pest control in Boynton Beach and will not only eliminate any existent cockroach infestation present but will also prevent future generations from breeding. In the meantime, you can practice these helpful tips that help prevent cockroaches from appearing!


  • Draining standing water and addressing any leaking pipes 
  • Patching any holes in walls and ceiling 
  • Properly disposing of food waste 
  • Washing dishes every night 
  • Store food in sealed containers 

Arguably the most annoying insect of South Florida’s summers, mosquitoes are difficult to spot until they’ve already found their target. These little invisible bloodsuckers are more than just a nuisance, they pose a protentional health threat to you. Mosquitoes are capable of spreading some of the most dangerous diseases in the United States, including the West Nile virus and encephalitis. There’s no way to know if a mosquito carries a disease until the bitten subject is already infected. Thankfully, Ringdahl Pest Control has the perfect eco-friendly method to stop mosquitos from breeding in or around your home! Helpful tips to practice in the meantime including

  • Drain any standing water around your home to prevent mosquito breeding 
  • Wear light, protective layers when outdoors in high mosquito traffic areas 
  • Use insect repellent when going outdoors for an extended period of time 
  • Avoid being outside around dawn or dusk 
  • Place screens on all windows and doors 


Integrated Pest Management

At Ringdahl Pest Control, we understand that practicing these helpful tips can be annoying to constantly follow. However, our environmental impact doesn’t need to be disregarded. Environmental protection is one of the reasons Ringdahl Pest Control became an exterminator. Ringdahl Pest Control offers integrated pest management, or IPM, as an environmentally friendly pest management process. IPM is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques. The techniques that Ringdahl Pest Control combines include biological control, habitat manipulation, modification of cultural practices, and use of resistant varieties. Ringdahl Pest Control will then only use pesticides to remove strictly the target organism, allowing us to minimize risks to human health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment. IPM can be used to manage pests of any kind in any terrain: agricultural, commercial green space, residential areas, and urban settings.

The benefit of having an IPM service on your home or office is that the prevention of pests and their damage is established for the long-term by managing the surrounding ecosystem. An IPM allows you to take action to prevent pests from damaging your home or office by doing little things, such as by growing a healthy crop that can withstand pest attacks, using disease-resistant plants, or caulking cracks to keep insects or rodents from entering a building. Whereas other pest control companies in Boynton Beach would simply eliminate the pests you see right now, Ringdahl Pest Control looks at the environmental factors affecting the pest and allow it to continue its course of mayhem. By understanding the environment, Ringdahl Pest Control can establish conditions that will eradicate the pest.

If you’re ready to solve your pest problem and ensure they don’t return, contact Ringdahl Pest Control today. Since 1960, Ringdahl Pest Control has been serving Boynton Beach and all of Palm Beach County. Allow Ringdahl Pest Control to use the most thorough and proven methods to eradicate your pest problem today! Call us today at (561) 737-6413 to say goodbye to pests once and for all!